The Impact of Salesforce Automation on the Pharma Industry

Sales and marketing are thought of as the backbone of any pharmaceutical company, and to stay ahead and lead the industry, companies need to employ technology that helps manage and automate the sales lifecycle.

Recently, more businesses are opting for salesforce automation as an effective technology that helps in carrying the majority of the paperwork and reducing the time and effort consumed by old methods.

For pharma companies, sales force automation lands on how to digitize their field salesforce and make it more efficient to accelerate the growth of the business.

To help you better understand the role of sales force automation in the pharma industry, we will walk you through its impact and what key features to look for in a salesforce automation system if you run a pharmaceutical company.

Role of the Salesforce Automation in Pharma

Salesforce automation has been greatly used by companies to automate sales processes and trace sales representatives’ progress.

In an industry such as pharma, salesforce automation plays a crucial role since it aids businesses to automate their field sales operations. Besides, its implementation helps generate sales forecasts, systemize field team activities, and optimize sales reports.

Additionally, salesforce automation enables managers to track their field team performance, activities, and client visits/calls. Thus, it immensely contributes in accomplishing an advanced level of growth and success.

Pharmaceuticals can also benefit from the diverse features of salesforce automation, including monitoring attendance, taking sales orders, clients contact management, sales forecasting, cloud-based information sharing, and in-app support.

In a nutshell, salesforce automation can benefit pharmaceuticals in multiple ways that are beyond tracking field sales force and monitoring performance. However, they need to make sure that their sales force automation software serves their business needs and contributes to their business success.

Key Salesforce Automation Features for the Pharma Industry

Your salesforce automation solution can definitely help you drive more clients and revenue, but if you made up your mind on a system that doesn’t offer what your business needs, you might end up stuck with the wrong choice for at least a year, since the majority of sales force automation solutions require long commitments.

As a pharmaceutical company, there is a suite of key features that you need to look for in your sales force automation system, such as visits frequency, sales analytics, and real-time GPS tracking. Here’s the crucial features a pharmaceutical company requires:

  • Visits Frequency: It’s easy to keep track of visits when you have a few clients, but things get complicated as your clients number is growing. Visits frequency helps doctors/medical service providers schedule and keep an eye on visits. Furthermore, it allows pharmaceuticals to measure their sales reps performance and efficiency.
  • Stock audits: Keep an eye on stock quantity and check the products availability can be simple yet time consuming tasks. Thus, even the simplest and most affordable sales force automation systems should have this option.
  • Merchandising tools: Salesforce management solutions should make it possible to take before/after photos, display planograms, and provide the tools to create a positive shopping experience for customers.
  • Reports and analytics: Sales force automation enables sales managers to track and closely monitor each employee’s performance and make wiser decisions with real-time field information. This can’t be done without having the tools needed to organize, compare, and extract key information and display them in a simplistic and measurable way.
  • Cloud-based access to key information: Your sales reps will have access to customer data, purchase history and other sales analytics, this will in turn improve field sales team performance. Additionally, cloud-based data storage will guarantee accuracy and transparency with real-time changes on data and reports.

Repzo Has What You Need

Instead of slogging and stressing out about the time and effort needed to manage field salespeople, Repzo offers finer ways to get the mind-numbing, time-consuming tasks done.

But before we explain our salesforce solutions further, let us share with you a little about our clients in the pharma industry.

In less than 4 years, we could serve more than 200 clients in 12 different countries across the MENA region, and currently, we have about 5000 active users on our application and platform. Now that we have already introduced ourselves, let’s proceed to what features we offer to the pharma industry.

Features especially designed to the pharma industry

We understand that every industry has its own requirements and faces its own challenges. Hence, we bear in mind what every client needs to thrive and easily manage their field sales and teams. Long story short, our platform is jam-packed with features including visits frequency reports, item status, BI dashboards, and sales analytics.

It’s worth mentioning that Repzo doesn’t offer these features as add-ons, which means no hidden fees or unexpected costs are waiting ahead.

What else can Repzo salesforce automation solution help you with?

Repzo sales force automation software has the following features:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Offline mode
  • Retail execution tasks: Live photos, auto stock, check store, and take sales orders
  • AWS cloud-based data storage
  • Real-time reports and analytics
  • BI dashboards with simplistic and conceivable data metrics
  • Integrations with the latest apps and services including QuickBooks, MySQL, and Microsoft Dynamics

Transparent Policy with a Free 14-Day Trial!

We will make every effort to satisfy our clients, but in case you still don’t think Repzo is a good fit for your business, you can completely cancel your contract, and all is settled.

And because we believe prospects have the right to test and get familiar with our services, we offer a free 14-day trial, which grants access to our full suite of features with no credit card required.

Exceptional and Dedicated Customer Support

Our team of customer support experts are always ready to solve clients’ concerns and problems. We have a friendly and responsive team available through WhatsApp and mobile application.

To put it simply, sales force automation plays a key role in the pharma industry, which resulted in more companies opting for this technology in the past few years. Its implementation should be seen in increased revenue, better performance and higher efficiency.

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