Eliminate Data Silos with Integration

When your business grows, there is an arising need for software integration to grow with it. Especially with the drastic increase in the volume of data that today’s software needs to process and deal with, including CRMs, field force management solutions, accounting and finance solutions, etc.

Unfortunately, data integration has been overlooked by many enterprises and thought of as a luxurious option that doesn’t directly affect their growth. While the fact is without integration it’s impossible to maintain efficiency and productivity.

In our blog, we’ll walk you through the role of integration in achieving excellent customer satisfaction and incredible efficiency. Also, we’ll introduce you to the top apps and services that you need to look for in a software whether CRM, field force management solution, or any other software that utilizes automation to enhance agility, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Software Integration

Integrating your software with other apps and services facilitates the data sharing across different departments of different management levels. It also enables the software to synchronize data in the real time.

But before we delve into the benefits of integration, let’s explain the concept in general. Simply put, integration is the linking of your current software with other applications and services to synchronize data and help you keep track of it.

Let’s dig deep into why integration is vital to your software:

Simplified Data Management

We all know how daunting it is to manage data from various channels in different volumes and types; integration simplifies data tracking by linking different apps together which allows companies to scale and connect to a multitude of databases and resourceful apps.

Little or No Coding

This is especially true when you utilize automated integration tools, which don’t require time-consuming manual coding. Automated integration is a cost-effective and reliable technology that does the heavy lifting for your IT department leaving much room to focus on what really matters.

Better Security and Compliance

Automated integration maintains security by providing real-time updates and alerts to stop any fraud attempts or scams. Besides, automated integration guarantees compliance with industry standards in terms of privacy and security.

Versatile and User-Friendly Solution

Integration allows users with no or little technical literacy to get acquainted with the software and use it as per their needs. The good news is that integration applications are easily handled and built by any user, which make them applicable across different industries with no significant limitations.

Supports Various Workloads

Automated integration helps processing various workloads with minimal latency. Also, integration is an ideal solution to manage virtual infrastructures like Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc.

Top 5 Apps to Integrate Your Current System With

If you’re not sure which apps you should integrate your software with, we’ll help you get an insight on the top 5 applications that work nicely with your current system and ensure a smooth data tracking and retrieving from various databases:

APIs (Application Programming Interface)

It’s an interface that allows two or more applications/software to communicate by calling their APIs. In other words, APIs support organization to get seamless connectivity between various applications, which is substantial to share data and automate processes.

For instance, when you visit Amazon and choose to pay online, whether using your PayPal or credit card, you pay without leaving the e-commerce website, you login to your bank on the same website, confirm payment, and let APIs do the heavy lifting for you.


Never settle for a system that doesn’t offer SAP integration as part of its essential offerings if you don’t want to end up building connections yourself. Make every minute matter and allow your Developers to focus on what matters rather than waste their time on creating integrations.

Using the SAP integration solution eliminates application silos, reduces operating costs, limits the complex point-to-point connections, improves data accuracy and quality by ensuring that data is accessible from one single dashboard.


Qoyod allows you to focus on what matters by offering a reliable cloud-based accounting software that helps you manage inventory, create e-invoices, and track payments history with no coding required.

First, you’ll need to create a Qoyod account and provide the required information, then Qoyod will require sharing your customers and products records. The best part is that Qoyod allows you to upload information from Excel sheets, which saves you a great deal of time and effort.


Get a complete picture of your customers’ information by integrating your current system with Xero. Xero gives real-time insights on your customers’ balance, invoicing history, tasks & calendars, etc.

Integrating with Xero supports organizations to have seamless online access to key financial information which is used to maximize your relationship with customers, manage your sales and marketing activities, and automate processes.

Microsoft Dynamics

Integrating your current system with Microsoft Dynamics helps enterprises increase productivity and revenue through a wide selection of tools to use, from data analytics to documents management and email marketing.

Microsoft Dynamics grants seamless access to the documents stored in SharePoint from your admin’s portal. It also allows retrieving data to create informative dashboards and reports, which give insights on revenue, performance, or any other business aspect as per business needs.

What Does Repzo Integrate With?

Repzo is a fully-featured field force management solution that uses the power of automation to monitor field employees, track their visits/performance/activities, and measure productivity by offering simplistic data displays including charts, graphs, and metrics.

But does Repzo integrate with other applications to leverage your team’s productivity and customer’s satisfaction?

Repzo integrates with various apps and services to ensure a smooth data sharing, real-time updates, and customizable reports on every aspect of your business. Alongside SAP, Qoyod, APIs, and Xero, Repzo offers integration as per every client’s needs, which means whenever your business scales, Repzo is there to support your growth.

How does Repzo employ integration to leverage productivity, performance, and drive better revenue?

Through Repzo’s fully-featured dashboard and mobile application, you can track your field team’s GPS location in the real-time, generate accurate and customizable reports, track payments/visits/e-detailing history, measure performance and productivity by using Repzo’s BI dashboards, and set achievable targets for your field employees.

Does Repzo require long commitments?

Unless you want to get a discount on your annual subscription, Repzo’s plans are flexible and are quote-based to meet different market needs and requirements.

Besides, prospects can get a free 14-day trial to use Repzo’s solutions and choose the package that works for them.

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